Lady's puppis has finaly arrived! But through a c-section on wednesday march 7. She had been in labor for a while, and nothing happened, so we decided to take the trip to the vet who said she needed to perform a c-section. 

One of the puppies, the male, was stuck on his way to the birth canal, therefore Lady could not give birth. But she is doing fine now, and is the perfect mother of her three puppies: two females and one male. 

5 of February 2018


It has been a bit quite on our webpage the last year. We have bought a house, moved in and got married.

But we can finally announce that we are expecting puppies on Lady, our own breed dog and a fantastic male, Svennie, who has a lot of top results in the exhibition ring. 

We are so happy and can not wait for the arrival of this litter. Lady is already doing a good job, with her changing body, we are so proud of our "little" girl. 

If you are interested, please do not hesitate about contacting us. 

October 2016


We have been at several exhibitions this fall, and with good outcome both for Lady and Summer. Summer has won BEST BABY at every show she has intered and she has shown herself as the queen she is. 

1 september 2016

New dog

We expired our small family with a new dog: Sweet Courage Midsummer Dream, or just Summer. We bought her from the danish kennel Sweet courage. We are looking forward to the future with this little darling.  


Two first places

Lady and Smiley were at their first blood tracking trial in Dronninglund the 27 og March.The blood track was a 3 hour/400 meter and they both passed with a 1 prize.

We are so proud of our to girls, and they a having a well deserved vacation, before they start their practice on an overnight blood track.


Blood tracking trial

All the dogs are now enrolled to a blood tracking test: Smiley and Lady have been enrolled to a 3 hours/400 meters in about 2 weeks, Johnson has been enrolled in a 20 hours/1000 meter start of april. 

We are very excited, and hope that they all do great.



Activ sunday

We spend yester day enjoying the fantastic weather with the beagles. We made blood trail for Smiley and Lady, and they did it perfectly. Dennis is working hard with the girls, because they are entering their first blood trail trial in the end of march. But if they do it as good as yesterday, we will not have anything to worry about.

When we were done in the forrest, we took all the dogs and drove to a nearby beach and went for a long walk. The ocean (Westcoast) was for once nice and calm and the sun was nice and warm. The dogs got to play and did a lot of running in the sand, which resulted in three tired beagles.



We are expecting to have early summer puppies. We are waiting for Smiley to go into her heat. If you are interested to hear more about this litter, do not hesitate to contact us.



We went to a local dog swimming pool, where (as the name might tell you) the dogs went for their first swimming lesson. We have been looking for an activity for dogs, where they could get a good workout but with the muscles they do not normally use, so we tried this.

All the dogs enjoyed it, but it took some persuade the first time. It took them a few times to figure out, how to do it, without getting water in the face. They all started with a life jacket on, so it was easier and not as big a chok for them, as if they had been without one. Johnson did it so well, that he tried one round without, and did it perfect!

They were all tired for a few days, and it isn't the last time they are going swimming. 


Exhibition in L√łkken

We had a really nice and good exhibtion this weekend with our to lovely girls! Smiley became 2. best in open class saturday and Lady was the 3. best junior bitch. We have had dogs, who truly enjoyed the weekend and loved being the one who was en the middle of every bodys attention. Smiley is now who really has become to enjoy and have more confident in the ring, which is truly amazing! 

The critics from the exhibtion, are already in the results. 




In this weekend we will attempt this years first dog exhibition. It is a club exhibition within the beagleclub, and saturday night there is a party where the winners from 2015 will be honored. This is where Johnson will be honored as the gold dog from 2015 as the best schweiss dog on the 20 hour/600 meter blood tracking test. Lady will attempt in juniorclass both saturday and sunday, and Smiley will be in openclass. 

We are looking very much forward to this weekend, with a lot og wonderfull beagles and their owner.



Reading comments

We have received a lot of emails, from that some have make comments on some of our news. Unfortunately we can not read them right now. We have changed the way to make comments, so you now have to do with facebook. 

We hope it can make it possible to read the comments we get! If you do not have a facebook account, you are more than welcome to send us an email with you comments. 


Gold in schweiss

Johnson will receive a GOLD for his test in schweiss, from spring 2015 where he received a 1. price on a 20 hour/600 meter bloodtrack. Dennis and Johnson have received the biggest score of all dogs, there have been on a test the same lenght. We are so proud! Dennis and Johnson will continue their practise.  



Sorry for the late update, we have had some crazy weeks!

Our trip to the internationale dog exhibition in Herning went over our expectations! Saturday Smiley won the open class with excellent and CK, with a total of 10 dogs where only 3 got excellent, Lady had her last day in puppyclass and Johnson was so sweet in juniorhandling with a girl named Sasha. Sunday Lady had her first day in the new class: junior and she became the 3 best bitch out of 9 in that class, Smiley got a very good because she got frightened before she was put on the table.

In total we had a wonderfull weekend with our fantastic dogs, and we can not wait until the next exhibtion in january. 


Exhibition in Herning

We are training very hard these day, så our dogs are more than ready to the international dog exhibition in Herning next weekend. Johnson will have his comeback in the ring, after 1,5 year out. And wow he has improved more than what we could wish for! Before he looked like a teenager, with much more legs than anything, but now he looks more "done". 

The pictures are both of Johnson. The top is from his last exhibition from 1,5 years ago, and the bottom is from today. It is not hard to see how much he has improved!

We can not wait untill next weekend!


Exhibition in Herning

We have now enroled for our last dog exhibition this year: the international dog show in Herning the 31st of october and the 1st of november 2015.

We have enroled all the beagles, Günter will have a weekend sleepover at my parents (Karoline). Johnson is enroled in the working dog class and junior handling on the 31st of october. Some of our friends daugther will attempt in the junior handling with him. On sunday the 1st of november he will be in open class. 

Smiley is enroled in open class both the 31st of october and the 1st of november. Lady is in puppy class on saturday, but is getting to old over the night and will therefore attempt in juniorclass on sunday. 

We are looking forward to a great weekend in Herning, with a lot of lovely dogs, and a good time with good friends!





We have now got the english version of our webpage on the go, and we just wants to say welcome! And enjoy!